How to Use Xperia Keyboard 2018 in All Android Without Root

How to Use Xperia Keyboard 2018 on All Android - Kayboard is the principal application for Android smartphones. Every smartphone manufacturer definitely has an built-in keyboard. But usually the feature that owned by the applications default keyboard is very minimal. No doubt the user is selecting an application keybaord third party which is widely available in Google Play. But you must be smart in choosing a keyboard. Because in addition to the features, not all of the keyboard comfortable when in use for the upgrade-text input. Moreover, if your smartphone has a smaller screen size, of course te audio ultra high-performance keyboard is in need. Not infrequently the
users often slipped when typing.


Xperia Keyboard 2018

Well, on this occasion I would recommend a keyboard app from one of the smartphone manufacturers that are already quite popular such as Sony Xperia. Surely you are already very familiar not with the smartphone? If yes, then you already know what type of keyboard used by your Xperia smartphone.

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Quite interesting isn't it?
For those of you who want to sample the Xperia Keyboard 2018 on your smartphone. Now you can install easily, even without root though. Because there is good news, Sony Mobile Communications has launched a app keyboard Xperia 2018 on Google Play. So that you can download and install on your smartphone that is not Xperia.

How to Use Xperia Keybaord 2018 in All Android Without Root

  • First download Xperia Keybaord via Go Keyboard Download.
  • If already installed, go to "Settings" then select "Language & input".
  • Then on the Keyboard & input methods, give check on the Xperia Keybaord.
  • To arrange a viewing and layout, you can go to settings Xperia
  • Keybaord by selecting the wheel icon gear. Please arrange according to the your needs.
  • Done, you now can use Xperia Keyboard 2018 on your smartphone you.

Source : Go Keyboard Download