Cheetah Keyboard 2018 APK Free Download

Cheetah Keyboard 2018 APK – a tool to personalize your Android mobile device, capable of replacing a standard keyboard, expand the functionality and decorative horizon. If you are not satisfied with the striking stock "keybord", then you definitely should try this free option. You can be sure, that for the previous app, you will never go back. In addition to the visual benefits, this program greatly simplifies and brings a new level of speed to make a very long and complex text, what do we need to say thank you so much for your stay at bells and whistles and ultimate options, intended for the convenience of the user while typing a standard SMS, correspondence, chat, or popular social networks and messengers.


Cheetah Keyboard 2018 APK

Before the first use, the utility Cheetah Keyboard 2018 APK you have to choose it as a primary on your Android device, to the system whenever text input is not asked, what type of application the user is better to use at the time. Sophisticated algorithms of "smart" typing a few choice words, after the user typed a few initial letters of words- choosing the right version and immediately proceed to write the new phrases. If for some reason the words are not in the database application, you can just bring her there just a couple of clicks, so it is possible to compile a large database of acronyms, slang words and other rarely used options.

Cheetah Keyboard 2018 APK Free Download - The process of typing, you can do the classic, separately pressing each letter on the keyboard, or swiping on the button line, sequentially connecting the letters into words and phrases. We don't have to worry about the possibility of errors in the writing – intelligent system independently of all and the output will provide error-free version.

Features of Cheetah Keyboard 2018 a large number of themes to change the display – change button color, Sound, innate in the process of taps on them, fonts, Wallpapers and so on. Don't want to do that – just use the pre-installed developer alternative (skull, Graffiti, hearts, flowers, animals and objects). All topics are conveniently divided into thematic categories – to find something suitable for you no problem.

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