Xperia Keyboard 2018 for Xiaomi

Xperia Keyboard 2018 for Xiaomi - Xperia Keyboard 2018 is an default keyboard smartphone Sony Xperia, which has a wide variety of interesting features in it. With size less than 8 MB, of Xperia Keyboard is quite mild compared to the Android keyboard.


Xperia Keyboard 2018 for Xiaomi

Keyboard Xperia 2018 this is one of the important applications on the smartphone. If no keyboard then your phone won't function normally. For users ROM China, usually the Keyboard app embedded is Baidu IME, Google Pinyin Input or Sogou Keyboard for MIUI. While for users the ROM Global app keyboard attached is the Google Keyboard or Swiftkey Keyboard.

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If you ever use a Sony Xperia, you might know that Keyboard Xperia 2018 is highly liked by its users. Besides it looks simple and elegant, also easy to use.

Excess use of this Keyboard include :

  • Can set the high and low of the Keyboard (Keyboard high).
  • Can set the look or skin of the keyboard to suit your tastes.
  • Has interesting emoticons.
  • The rest, try the felt itself.

If you're looking for an Xperia Keyboard to 2018 in the Google Play Store, you probably will not find it because the Keyboard is not compatible with all types of Xiaomi.

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